Infographic on Life Below Water

Check out this awesome infographic design I made for a project. It is about one of the 17 UN goals of 2030. My infographic is about the 14th goal: Life Below water.

The goal: To conserve and sustainably use the world’s oceans, seas, and marine resources.

My infographic addresses problems about water pollution and how it affects the sea life. You will find out new information and facts. Enjoy!

What I like best about Technology

Technology has a big impact on the 21st century and the daily lives of people. There are two sides to technology. In the olden days, people spread their ideas by commerce, trade, colonization, and machines that evolved such as the printing press. There are two sides to technology because it is not just devices and electricity.Today, technology helps us spread our ideas and even creates new careers that didn’t exist a decade ago. What I like about technology is that it has many benefits on the way we learn and helps us develop our ideas. In 10 years, I imagine that we may not even have to use any paper and this would have an effect on our environment. I really like that technology helps us get things done faster (calculators) and it even helps us communicate faster. Nowadays, new technologies have developed like cellular phones, portable devices and many more. It’s how everyone communicates! My grandmother has the most recent Samsung! Finally, what I like best about technology is that it is not just something that demands electricity! A pencil is a technology! Image result for pencilWorks Cited

  “Yellow Pencil – Pixabay: Free.” Pixabay Images – Free,


How do you learn best in school?

If you want to succeed and do a good job, to earn it. If you want to do well in school then you need to work efficiently, effectively, do your best most importantly, manage your time well. My mom always tells me: “there’s always a time to have fun and a time to be serious but never the two together. To manage your time well you need to put academics before everything else and stay on top of your work. After you finish all your tasks you are liberated, free, relaxed. It always feels good to know you don’t have wait Sunday night to finish all your work because of procrastination. I’ve been there before. On top of time management and responsibility, participate in class and ask questions because it may even help your peers. It is also very important to be organized and so you don’t get lost and make mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. Finally, try to stay on everyone’s good side (teachers, staff, and friends or classmates) sometimes, drama and personal issues can be a distraction on how well you do. 

The Problem Behind Pirating

Why do you think it’s illegal for people to pirate or plagiarize other people’s work?

Pirating and Plagiarizing are basically in the same family. They are stealing someone´s work and making it yours. Or taking other´s work and publishing it illegally or without permission. These things are wrong and illegal because it´s basically like stealing. Or robbing. For example, let´s say you robbed a jewelry store. That´s bad because you´re taking something that is not your´s without permission and without paying. Which is why call it pirating because pirates used to steal gold and goods. If you want to take or use something that isn´t yours you should site it.

My Metacognity Experience

In life, everybody makes mistakes but that isn´t a bad thing. You learn from your mistakes and they help you do better. One learning experience that I did well was during a math test. I usually don´t do well during my math tests because I always tell myself that I can´t but if you put you´re mind to it you can! On this math test I studied really well and I was not distracted when I was studying. I was not chatting with anyone. I was more focused than I usually am while doing my homework and studying. This learning experience helped me because it made me realize that I can do things if I put my mind to it and if I have perseverance.

I´ve made quite a bit of mistakes in my life and sometimes I don´t learn from them. One was playing basketball. A few weeks ago, I was practicing basketball and the coach passed the ball to me and my hands were wide open and then it jammed my middle finger really hard. The week after that I thought I learned from my mistakes but then one of my friends passed the ball to me and I jammed it again even harder. I clearly did not learn from my mistakes

About Technology

Technology is a man made tool used to help make life in general easier. Most people think technology has to do with machines, robots, coding etc… Although that is true, technology is EVERYRTHING human made so chairs, tables water bottles and even pencils. There are different forms of technologies and some are digital. 21st century technology is different than for example 20th century technology which is why people think of technology as phones and computers.

I want to learn how to make my own digital designs and I want to learn more about coding and programming my own things. I also want to be an expert at power of code.



The performance of “The Twits”

About a month ago I participated in the middle school play “The twits”. It was a good experience for me because I don’t like preforming in front of big audiences. Now I actually enjoy it. We rehearsed on Thursdays and sometimes Saturdays which was sometimes annoying because we had to stay under the sun for three to four hours sometimes but in the end it was worth it. An embarrassing moment for me was the second day of the play and everybody forgot their lines and there was a long silence but luckily I memorized some of their lines and I covered for them. Another embarrassing is since I played a monkey and there weren’t enough costumes and we had to change very, very quickly so when I went on stage I realized that I forgot my tail. Overall it was a pretty good show and luckily no one noticed that I had no tail on. After the show, about a week later we had an after party were we all got together and shared snacks and drinks. We also watched the video of us during the play. The good thing is that there were two after parties. Wednesday and Thursday. The sad thing is that only 6 people came to the second one. Including me… Though I went to both.  Overall I really enjoyed the show and working, rehearsing on it. There were ups and downs… My favorite part is when we went to the maker space to make all the props it was really fun! I’ve never been to the maker space so that was a good experience for me! Overall the twits was great I hope there is another MS play!